Working together to put patients first

Working together to put patients first

Your medical professionals care most about one thing: how they care for you. That’s why they’ve hired us. We’re RavePoint. Our name comes from our customers who rave about our services. Here’s why:

RavePoint handles the time-consuming tasks of communicating, educating, confirming, scheduling, and rescheduling, allowing the medical-office staff more time to focus on providing the best possible customer service to patients, while also meeting the needs of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

Simply put, it’s much more effective when office staff are able to concentrate on you—the patient—when you’re right in front of them, while allowing an automated service to take care of the patient who isn’t there at the moment. That patient needs just as much attention, virtually, and that’s where RavePoint comes in.


RavePoint keeps you fully informed and updated about your upcoming appointments. We do this by delivering a series of reminders, including

  • an acknowledgement right after you make your appointment
  • a reminder one week before your appointment
  • a reminder a couple of days before your appointment
  • a final reminder on the day of your appointment

These reminders will come from your choice of

  • phone calls, originating from their office number
  • text messages, originating from their dedicated text number
  • email messages, originating from

When you receive your reminders, you’ll be asked to confirm or cancel your appointment

  • By text, you can reply YES to confirm or NO to cancel
  • By phone call, you can press 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel
  • By email, you can press a specific button for your response
  • Each reminder provides contact information for rescheduling your appointment


When you receive an email from us, you can click on the link that says, “Please take a moment and update your preferences for future notifications.” Here, you can also update your contact information. The link will open a Web browser where you can add phone numbers and email addresses as well as tell us how you prefer to be contacted.


Following your appointment, you will be invited to take an online survey. Hearing from you about your experience is our best way to provide even better service to you and our clients.

Contact us for more information.