RavePoint Enterprise Cloud

Fully customized, true enterprise-grade patient-relationship management, for less than the cost of a one-size-fits-all solution

Simply put, RavePoint Enterprise Cloud is the industry’s most capable patient-relationship management platform. Built from the ground up to address precisely the needs of enterprise healthcare organizations, RavePoint Enterprise Cloud is flexible and interoperable, allowing enterprise healthcare organizations to manage a wide range of patient-facing business areas from one central platform, eliminating silos and the need for multiple systems.

"Built from the ground up to address precisely the needs of enterprise healthcare organizations"
"Modular, so you can modernize patient-relationship management on your own timeline"

RavePoint Enterprise Cloud is modular, so you can modernize patient-relationship management on your own timeline, in the solution order that aligns with the goals of your organization. Flexible settings synchronize with your established processes to solve your operational challenges without compromising the needs of your patients, your providers, your staff, your practice, or your other locations. Our single point-of-administration dashboard keeps management clear and simple.

RavePoint Enterprise cloud provides a host of administrative and management functions to ensure your success in the ever-changing healthcare environment. It includes all standard RavePoint features, plus:

Enterprise Feature Administration

RavePoint provides your enterprise healthcare organization the tools to optimize large-scale operations, including a single, central location where your administrators can view, configure, make bulk template changes, and manage all patient-facing tasks, for all locations and user privileges.

Location Grouping

RavePoint’s Enterprise Cloud allows you to organize your individual Locations into Groups, improving management and organization for Users throughout your enterprise. You can use Groups to collectively administer and monitor multiple locations as a single unit. There is no limit to the number of Groups you can create, nor to the number of Groups to which a location can belong.

Flexible User Roles and Permissions

RavePoint offers the flexibility to tailor User roles to the way you run your enterprise healthcare organization. You can grant, deny, and fine-tune access, thereby compartmentalizing patient-facing tasks as needed and allowing only relevant, role-related Users the appropriate read/write capabilities.

With our Single Sign-On User Authentication, one login is all it takes for your Users to navigate the features, functionality, tasks, and reporting results across the Locations or Groups to which they have access. RavePoint Owners and Supervisors can easily add and suspend Users, force password changes, view User login activity, and more.

Enterprise-Wide Performance Reporting

RavePoint Enterprise Cloud reporting turns millions of rows of patient-facing data into intelligible, downloadable reports and presentation-ready charts, simplifying healthcare enterprise administrators’ and other decision makers’ abilities to spot trends, quickly drill down to applicable details, and make data-supported decisions with confidence.

RavePoint reports are available from a secure, centralized application environment. You can quickly and easily access the time-specific or month-over-month benchmarking information you need, exactly when you need it. The ability to review results for an individual provider, a location, a Group of locations, or your entire enterprise ensures that you will find answers quickly and make decisions even faster.

Systems Interoperability

RavePoint Enterprise Cloud lets you connect simultaneously to multiple practice management and/or electronic healthcare record applications using HL7 standards, or proprietary API methodologies if HL7 is not available. RavePoint normalizes all the data and output results, regardless of integration format or location time zone, providing your Users a consistent, predictable, reliable experience. Our API watchdog monitors all the data received and delivers alerts if patient and schedule data are abnormal.

Flexible Billing Model

RavePoint Enterprise Cloud supports a single enterprise-wide billing model or individual billing for each location. You can set the monthly billing date to begin and recur on your signup anniversary date or a date that aligns with your accounts-payable cycles. You can include internal IDs on your billing statements to streamline payment and cost allocation for each Location provisioned for RavePoint Service. All billing and invoicing are available for review and download via a quick access link on your RavePoint dashboard.

Enterprise Cloud Platform

RavePoint Enterprise Cloud resides on Microsoft Azure, the same platform used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies and the most trusted cloud for U.S. government institutions. Our auto-scaling technology infrastructure guarantees that your RavePoint service will remain lightning fast, even during peak use. With data-center presence in 44 regions, intelligent layers of security to prevent unauthorized access to your enterprise and patients’ data, and a built-in 99.99% high-availability SLA to ensure consistent performance, you will experience the cloud you can trust with the numbers to prove it.

Dedicated Success Coaching

From your initial consultation and implementation to ongoing feature optimization, you will benefit from the expertise of your own dedicated RavePoint Success Coach. RavePoint Enterprise Cloud customers receive a documented implementation plan as part of our Professional Support Services; for customers migrating to us from a competing solution, we offer special consideration to ensure a seamless transition.

Your coaching staff monitors your patient-engagement results continuously and compares them with industry-wide benchmarks. Every month, your coach proactively reports what is working well and helps you fix what is not. RavePoint Enterprise Cloud customers are provided guaranteed response times for both critical issues and minor concerns.