Tips for getting the most from RavePoint during the COVID-19 Pandemic

RavePoint is ready to help you stay connected with your patients in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see a list of helpful tips below to see how RavePoint can help your practice deliver strong communications to patients as you navigate this dynamic situation.


  • Encourage patients to text your practice on your dedicated text number, doing so will help your staff field more inquiries with less burden than a phone call. You can find your dedicated text number in your “Practice Settings” screen.
  • If patient is coming in for appointment, have them text your practice when they’ve arrived. They can remain in their vehicle until your staff notifies them by text that they are ready to be seen.

Email Campaigns

  • Email your entire patient panel with information pertaining to your updated policies and procedures, making very clear their ability to text-chat with your practice through your practice's dedicated text number.
  • RavePoint’s SHARE service is a way to keep people Safe, Healthy, Aware, Ready, and Engaged. This service disseminates accredited content (e.g., COVID-19 info) received from partners such as the CDC, through RavePoint’s own media.

Appointment Cancellations

  • RavePoint’s Appointment Cancellation makes it easy to clear your schedule across a range of dates and set expectations for getting rescheduled.
  • How to Video:
  • Updated to allow for a range of dates to be cancelled!

Appointment Reminder Instructions

  • Work with your RavePoint success coach to modify appointment instructions to align with desired check-in.
  • Depending on your brand of medicine, you may request a patient to reschedule or cancel any non-urgent appointments.
  • Add special instructions on your check-in process if they have any Flu like symptoms.

Pausing Reminders if your practice is temporarily closing

  • Under MANAGE FEATURES, you can disable the Primary, Early, Booked Appointment, and/or Day-of Reminders by clicking the settings then turning the switch to inactive. If the service is currently running, it will finish the reminders in process, but no more after that. To resume, simply click settings and mark active.

If you have any questions please contact your Customer Success coach (941-921-1041 or, thank you!